Ellen Klose

Hey there!

I'm Ellen, a UX Engineer based in Toronto, Ontario.

My journey into UX started during my early days as a developer where I built front-end components for clients without questioning their requirements or design choices. Unfortunately, as these components went live, some failed due to the lack of proper UX research. This led to a repetitive cycle of reworking the solution without addressing the root issues. Frustrated by the lack of clear problem identification, I delved into the world of UX. Here, I discovered that adopting design thinking can reshape this inefficient process into a more purposeful and effective one. Today, I'm all about leveraging UX principles to create digital products, and I love the challenge of advocating for users in both design and development.

In addition to my expertise in Front-End Development, I have a background in Psychology, Education, Data Analysis, and Privacy, which allows me to bring a unique perspective to every project. I strive to be intentional and empathetic in my design approach, and look to apply my varied experiences to enhance the design dialogue.

When I'm not immersed in code or design, you'll find me lost in fiction, sampling new restaurants, picking up a few German words on Duolingo like "Meine katze ist groƟ", and tirelessly attempting to win over my cat's affections.

I would love to get to know you more! Drop me a line .